The Lost Years of Mehy

The Lost Years of Mehy

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Follow the life of Moses (Mehy) from his military career in Nubia to the day he fled Egypt as a fugitive to Midian.

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Background for The Lost Years of Mehy

The first book in the Treasures of the Nile series, The Pharaoh’s Daughter, ends when Moses — his Egyptian name, Mehy — was eighteen years old. Our biblical account is silent about the details of Moses' life until he flees Egypt at age forty. Have you ever wondered about his young adult years? Did Moses marry in Egypt? Fight for Pharaoh's army? Rule as a prince?

The Lost Years of Mehy offers an historically-researched guess at the possible life of an Egyptian soldier named Mehy—a character who might have been our biblical Moses. Why would I think this is Moses? I explained it in a 2016 blog post, but the short answer is: this mysterious soldier appears on a relief carved into Egypt’s Karnak Temple—with no lineage or explanation of why he was highly honored by Pharaoh Sety. Only his name, Mehy, survived. And then Sety’s son, Ramesses II, the Pharaoh of the Exodus, tried to scratch out Mehy's name from every record. Intrigued yet?

About the Book

As mere boys, Mehy and Sety led their troops into battle and narrowly escaped with their lives. Now Sety, son of Egypt’s vizier, is made priest of his Delta estate, while Mehy, thought to be grandson of Pharaoh, is elevated to the second most powerful position in Egypt and assigned to oversee the southern-most fortress in Nubia. The vizier, already blaming Mehy for his son’s battle injury, seeks to kill Mehy upon hearing of his promotion.

Will revenge reach from the northern Delta to Egypt’s southern-most fortress? Will Mehy’s Nubian love bring him solace or pain? And will Mehy ever see his Egyptian mother or Hebrew parents again?